Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Lately me and Lex have been spending a lot of time together. With Hay's now on some sort of schedule, me and Lex hang out a lot while she is sleeping. And it seems that my daughter thinks a lot about life, maybe even a little too much. Things that come out of her mouth either make me laugh, make me mad, or disgust me.

Lex didn't eat her dinner one night so she didn't get a treat after. An hour after dinner she asked why she couldn't have a treat. I told her that she didn't eat her dinner so she didn't get anything else the rest of the night. She looked at me and said, "Well if you would start making something good for dinner maybe I would eat it!" She then walked out of my room and into hers and slammed the door shut. My feelings should have been hurt, but laughing was the only thing I could do.

The next day we were playing Candy Land. She started getting mad that I was winning so she slyly took her foot and pushed the board over so that we all lost. I asked her why she did this and she shrugged her shoulders and said, "I didn't it was my foot."

Then to top of the week of Lex-isms yesterday she was picking her nose. (Yes, I know disgusting), and she asked me if all boogers have hair in them. I told her I didn't think any boogers had hair in them why? She said, "well mine do! Well that's great! I never thought I would have a child that had hairy boogers, but I guess I am lucky enough to get one! I can't wait to see what her teenage years bring.


The Scott's said...

I love that girl! She is the complete package, funny, tough, and digusting, she is going to make a hubby happy one day!

Becca said...

Hairy boogers are the best for eating. :) Haha - I'm totally kidding. Your post cracked me up! (PS - not sure whose blog led me to yours, but I'm happy to have found it and excited to follow.)